Creative and Innovative Carnival (CIC 2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened educational uncertainties. Yet, amid the challenges, Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development(PBI), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan recently launched an online innovation competition, Creative and Innovative Carnival (CIC 2020), to replace the face-to-face competition which had been held in succession for two years before.

Mohammad Affiq bin Kamarul Azlan, the director of the CIC programme, said that the annual CIC competition was significant as it aimed to inculcate a culture of innovation that optimised technological resources in the development of teaching and learning (T&L) resources; promote the idea of the latest technology for the T&L environment; share new creations with the latest technology to cultivate IR4.0. In addition, the research works conducted by the PBI academicians were also presented in the competition and medals were bagged by the participants.

The competition was assessed according to three categories which were Teaching and Learning Creative Practices; Research grants and Postgraduates; and Creative and Innovative Ideas. The carnival, held on 17 November 2020, was officiated by Director of Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development, Dr Burhan bin Che Daud. It was well received by participants from language teachers, lecturers and postgraduate students. Participants included online learning practitioners and enthusiasts who have come up with new and innovative ideas. 9 Golds, 6 silvers and 4 bronzes were won by the participants. 

Dr Burhan hoped that online carnival participants would be able to learn how to adapt and take on new challenges in the face of new performance standards and further instill the culture of embracing new technology to improve students' participation in teaching and learning.