Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


To be the champion in the fields of language studies and human sciences towards producing a balanced and holistic human being for global prosperity. 


Implementing academic programmes and research activities as well as quality and relevant services in the fields of language studies and human sciences for global prosperity.



1. Percentage of students passing English courses each semester by 80%.

2. Percentage of students passing Third Language courses each semester by 80%.

3. Percentage of students passing Human Science courses each semester by 80%.

4. Courses offered through Blended Learning Substitute by 80% from the total courses offered.


Human Resource

To provide services with professional and integrity based on competent human resources in a conducive environment.


To practice good financial management system and generate income sustainably.

Academic and International

To offer high quality and globally competitive language and human science academic programs and activities.

Research and Innovation

To produce impactful research and innovation through collaboration with various parties for the well-being of the community.

Entrepreneurship and Socioeconomics

To inculcate entrepreneurial culture through academic and non-academic programmes in order  to elevate the socioeconomic status of the society.

Governance and Transformation of Delivery

To implement good governance that is customer satisfaction oriented.

UMK Quality Policy:

The members of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) are committed and towards achieving the objectives of the university's strategic plan through cultivating a strong academic quality assurance system, supported by excellent quality management system to meet the expectations of customers and university stakeholders. In meeting the policy requirements, the members of UMK will:

1. Improve the administrative performance of the University by displaying corporate culture that provides efficient, effective and professional administrative solutions.

2. Ensure information and records are always integrated, complete, accurate and secured.

3. Ensure campus security control is always excellent.

4. Concern about the welfare of staff.

5. Enabler to university marketing programs.


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