FBI UMK Malay Language Camp Strengthens Language Mastery Among Saiburi Islam Wittaya School, Thailand Students

THURSDAY I 24 AUGUST 2023 - The Faculty of Language Studies and Human Development (FBI) at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) successfully organized a Malay Language Camp that brought together students and teachers from Saiburi Islam Wittaya School in Thailand. The event, held on Thursday, August 24, 2023, at UMK Kota Campus, was enthusiastically received by a total of 32 high school students and 7 Malay language teachers.

The Malay Language Camp was organized with the primary goal of enhancing the mastery of the Malay language among the students while emphasizing the use of standard Malay in oral and written communication. The event, which started from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, provided participants with opportunities to engage in various activities that enhanced their proficiency in the Malay language.

In this camp, there were two educators who contributed their knowledge and expertise, namely Ms. Khuzaiton Zakaria and Dr. Tuan Rusmawati Raja Hassan, both of whom are language experts from FBI-UMK. Additionally, six facilitators from the same faculty were also involved, providing guidance and support to students and teachers in carrying out meticulously planned activities.

FBI UMK is delighted to have established collaboration with Saiburi Islam Wittaya School for this Malay Language Camp. This is an important step in further strengthening the relationship between educational institutions in Malaysia and Thailand.

The event has created a unique opportunity for students and teachers from Saiburi Islam Wittaya School to immerse themselves in the Malay language and culture through practical and enjoyable experiences. It is hoped that efforts like this will continue to be strengthened and provide lasting benefits to all parties involved.