Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Students Testimony

Given these golden opportunities to explore more updated new knowledge in both hybrid fields of studies namely business / entrepreneurship and communication through Master of Business Communication (MBC) equipped us all as the students with wide experiences in dealing with both human and organization by implementing excellent communication and business skills. For example, interpersonal communication skills could nurture high quality talents while brilliant business and entrepreneurship skills could sustain and develop our organization or company towards gaining continuous profits. An essential academic course for all especially when dealing and adapting with the new era of gig economy nowadays.

- Mohd Hafiz Rosli

Saya mempunyai pengalaman selama 20 tahun sebagai wartawan. Bidang kewartawanan adalah salah satu cabang ilmu komunikasi. Selepas syarikat tempat saya bekerja ditutup, baru saya sedar pengalaman sahaja tidak cukup menjadi seorang pengamal komunikasi sepenuhnya dalam bidang korporat. Justeru, saya mengikuti beberapa kursus yang ditawarkan seperti pengucapan awam, pengurusan krisis dan penjemanaan. Banyak juga wang dihabiskan. Akhirnya seorang sahabat memperkenalkan saya kursus Sarjana Komunikasi Perniagaan yang ditawarkan oleh Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). Saya mendapati subjek yang ditawarkan adalah sempurna. Semua perkara yang saya perlukan ada. Kurikulumnya amat tersusun. Tidak perlu lagi membuka laman sesawang mencari kursus yang diperlukan. Alhamdulillah, saya telah menamatkan pengajian pada Mac 2022. Saya merasa amat yakin untuk memasuki industri dengan ilmu dan pengalaman yang dimiliki. Terima kasih UMK.

- Azran Fitri

Pengalaman saya sendiri dalam MBC ini saya dapat ilmu baru dalam pembelajaran yang saya pelajari di mana saya boleh tahu cara berkomunikasi dengan lebih berkesan, yakin bila berurusan di khalayak ramai, boleh belajar secara sistematik dalam komunikasi online. My own experience in MBC is that I gained new knowledge in learning that I learned where I can know how to communicate more effectively, confident when dealing in public, and can learn systematically in online communication.

- Intan Sakinah

First of all, this course helps me practice in public speaking and learn communication skills that can be used in daily life. Other than that, I learn a lot about corporate communication and settings and not forget the writing skills that can be applied at work or in your businesses. Also, about entrepreneurship that even though we are not an entrepreneur, we need to have the characteristics, mindset and attributes like them which can bring success to our lives. Overall, MBC courses teach you on business, corporate activities, some management skills, writing and communication practices.

- Nurul

The Master of Business Communication programme provided me with a platform to gain knowledge while using communication to build a good profile to tackle and deal with obstacles professionally as an employee. This course also taught me about organizational culture, leadership, and diversity, as well as how to integrate academic topics into our daily work. Last but not least, throughout the course, the lectures have always been professional, flexible, and supportive to every student's ability to focus and actively participate in class discussions.

- Ramyah

When I was following the Master of Business Communication Program at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. It helps a lot to provide a platform to vary the concept of gaining knowledge while using the communication learned to build a good network in two -way communication with the various parties I deal with. In addition to being able to form and give confidence while in the field in order to be kind and deal with obstacles professionally as an employee in the sector I work. Uniquely, the program also taught me about the charisma of leadership, organizational culture, methods of overcoming crises in communication and ways of understanding each other¿s cultural, religious and other diversity. Therefore, during this course it really helped me to increase my confidence and train towards a professional thinking style in leadership both in lectures and out of lectures in addition to the educators who are very caring and help students in improving their abilities.

- Jamal Naimuddin

From what I've been through, this course showed me how important communication is for business matters. Of course, when we talk about corporations, communication plays its role as people share information, techniques, skills and operations about the business they are up to. This is what I learnt in this programme. Another thing is, I have a great experience with the course as I was taught about corporate communication, the techniques and methods to be applied when we run a certain business. This course opens my eyes wide to accept that good communication does matter in a business world.

- Raihan

This course explores the essence of communication, especially from the perspective of new media, aligned with the demand of technological and IT advancement from various aspects. Considering that, as an alumni of communication course, this programme has helped me understand the content and elements of communication. For instance, I have significantly improved my copywriting technique, which I will make use of when I am working in the future as well as in the present time. I applied the appropriate skills of copywriting now in my baking business. Lastly, this course is not only focusing on formal writings and communication, yet it has given me a variety of exposure to ways and methods to hold conversations with people from different cultures and religious backgrounds. Most importantly, the lecturers are professional, flexible, fun and easy to reach whenever you need their consultation and for virtual classes.

- Zaharah Anum