English Video Competition 2020

English language learning online is enjoyable as you compete for prizes in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Understanding that students are living in a whole new reality and trying to comprehend these pandemic times, the English Department of the Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan has initiated their very first English Video Competition Event for all students in the university. 

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has caused prolonged campus closure and social distancing measures leaving students confined to their homes. Fun language competition is a creative way that allows students to express their emotions in a safe and healthy way.

Titled " English Video Competition", the event invited students from year 1 till the final year to submit their videos in competitions such as Tik Tok, Story Telling, Singing and Vlog reflecting their feelings and impressions about experience of this time.

"Helping the students is at the very core of our activities, and we are pleased to announce the "English Video Competition" said Dr. Nazatul Syima Binti Mohd Nasir, the director of the programme, adding "We know how stressful the past few weeks have been and how hard it will be for students and their families in the weeks ahead.During these uncertain times, we hope to inject some joy and positivity into the lives of students and their new routines. Fun language games and competitions are the symbolic languages and we believe that this competition will help them and encourage students to get involved"

Entry into the competition is simple. Students from each year can participate in this contest. Once the video is complete, it should be uploaded in Youtube and the link should be emailed to the person-in-charge as being announced.Three winners in each category were selected. Attractive certificates were awarded to the winners. Congratulations to all winners!