IeCLH2020: International e-Colloquium in Language and Humanities

The Centre for Language Studies and Generic Development (PBI)  has successfully organised IeCLH2020: International e-Colloquium in Language and Humanities on December 9, 2020. This colloquium is the 2nd international colloquium organised by PBI. The 1st international colloquium was held on September 27, 2017 at PBI UMK Bachok and is known as the Regional Colloquium. This Regional Colloquium is organised by 2 countries namely Malaysia and Indonesia. A total of 12 papers were presented, namely 6 papers from Malaysia and 6 papers from Indonesia.

The objective of IeCLH2020 is to share knowledge in the field of research related to humanities and language with academics in the Southeast Asian region. In addition, the objective of this program is to highlight the expertise of PBI academic staff at the international level. The final objective of this program is to increase scientific publications in PBI.

The theme of this colloquium is the Establishing Knowledge Network for Society Empowerment. There are 42 participants from 4 ASEAN countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. A total of 9 papers were sent from abroad and 33 papers from UMK and IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia. This colloquium is conducted online and opened and officiated by the Director of PBI, Dr. Burhan Bin Che Daud. This IeCLH2020 program is implemented under the office of the Deputy Director (Research, Innovation and Postgraduate) PBI. This program is led by Dr. Mohd Kamil Bin Ahmad, Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanities (JSK). The presentation in the IeCLH 2020 colloquium is divided into 2 groups, namely the language field and the Humanities field. The result of this colloquium is in the form of an abstract book where the next article presented will be published in Jurnal Insaniah, PBI as a special edition 2021 later, and will also be published in the form of chapters in the book (e-book).