Road to UMK 2021 Promotion Program

The Road to UMK 2021 is an initiative taken by UMK in promoting UMK. All 9 faculties in UMK were involved in the sessions that were conducted February 11 to March 25. As for the FAculty of Language Studies and Human Development (FBI), the promotion session was on February 16. The concept adopted was live session where representatives from FBI, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Salman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Abdul Ghani and Mr. Wan Ab. Aziz Wan Daud took turns to explain the academic programs offered by FBI. The live session was chaired by Ms. Alia Nadhirah Ahmad Kamal as the moderator. Throughout the live event, the panellists explained the details of the academic programs such as Master in Business Communication, Bachelor of Business Communication with English and Bachelor of Arabic Language with Entrepreneurship. It is hoped that FBI could attract more local and foreign students to study at UMK.